It’s a New Year, new beginnings, a clean slate, a fresh start…can you clearly envision and begin creating what you’d like to experience in the coming year?

Give yourself a gift, each day, of 60 minutes; a mental vacation, shutting off all distractions and outside noise.  Use the time to build upon your goals and set your intentions.   

Ring in the new year with some self-deserving HOT YOGA!

30 day Yoga Challenge: January 15th to February 15th, 2016

~Classes must be BikYasa Hot Yoga and / or BikYasa Bodyworks.

~Classes can be done at Some Like it Hot Yoga studio or online/at home at

~Multiple classes a day count!
PRIZES for Challenge:

Most Important – You will look and feel fabulous!

30 classes = Yogitoe Towel
25 classes = Some Like it Hot Tote bag
15 classes = Some Like it Hot Shirt or Hat — you’re choice!

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