Learn how to teach 
November 16 & 17th  @ 1pm – 4pm  
This beautiful hot yoga studio is looking for excited passionate teachers.  And we would LOVE to help you in your journey to becoming a teacher. The rewards are endless.  We are now offering three amazing classes:
* BikYasa
* Hot Vinyasa Flow
* Inferno Hot Pilates
We are looking for stellar souls to join our incredible family of top notch teachers. We want you have any of the following:
      • 200-hour yoga certification or similar,
      • have your Inferno Hot Pilates certificate,
      • experience as a dance or fitness instructor, or
    • A longtime devoted students of this studio.
If you have any questions, call  Kristen / 415-309-2603 or Darlene / 415.234.6727 or track us down at the studio. We’d be happy to answer your questions about this upcoming training which is just a few weeks away. Visit http://somelikeithotyoga.com to learn more about us.