Yin Yoga is one of the fastest growing trends in Yoga today.

This is where your health and flexibility truly lies!

Seated poses held for 3-5 minutes in a non-heated room.
Yin Yoga is a quiet practice that challenges the bones and the connective tissue. Hips, knees & low back are the focus.

How Yin Yoga improves every facet of your life – from sleeping to running, from weight lifting to improved golf swing, from Yoga to Meditation.
Often it is confused with Restorative or relaxing yoga.

It is a practice that improves not only your sleep, but any physical activity you have.

If you are a runner, a bicyclist, a golfer, a swimmer, a yoga practitioner, or just a lover of Sunday football on TV, Yin Yoga will:
– improve your spine
– ease your daily joint pain
– increase your athletic power

You will learn:
– how yin improves your life, from sleep to physical activity
– lower and upper body postures that will free hip and shoulder movement (which can lead to stronger joints and reduced risk of hip replacement)
– simple postures you can do at home while watching TV or reading a book.

Whether you are a yoga practitioner or a yoga teacher, you don’t want to MISS this workshop.

Gabe Yoga has been teaching Yin Yoga secrets for over 15 years, and his book “How Yin Yoga Healed my Student’s Knee” is about to be published on Amazon.

Sun Jan 17th 1:30-3:30pm

Only $40 per person, and you can stay for FREE for the 4pm Yin class led by Gabe to practice what was learned in the workshop!

Space is limited, sign up today!