Project Description

Jonni Rae began her Yoga journey in her early 20s as a student. Growing up in Petaluma and living in Marin, East Bay and San Francisco, Jonni was able to learn and practice with some of the greatest teachers in the Bay Area. It was the love and dedication she felt from her teachers, that she decided to dive deeper into her practice with a 200 hour teacher training course thru Some Like it Hot Yoga in January 2018.

After completing this course, Jonni Rae was hesitant to begin teaching. But with prayer, moving meditation and encouragement from her family, Jonni Rae began her teaching journey in April 2018. And she is so glad that she did. Teaching yoga brings me great joy, a sense of accomplishment and my love for the practice grows every time I step on the mat. But really, its the students that I show up for. Giving them this practice is such a great gift to be able to share. As a yoga student myself, I know thru experience the power this practice has to change your life, both physically and mentally, so being able to give this to my students, its truly an honor.

Jonni Rae balances her time in the studio, with running a family business, loving on her Husband and three kids, encouraging friends and family to become better versions of themselves and living a faith based life.Students attending Jonni Raes class can expect a fun lighthearted class with clear instruction for both the beginner and advanced Yogi, gentle adjustments, emphasis on core control and breath work